The origin story of GopherSource 💥

gopher holding go balloons

The Go community is renown for its cute gophers and friendly figureheads, but can still be a confusing and intimidating area to jump into for new and experienced gophers alike. I am asked quite regularly how someone can get into open source, learn go, or influence the decisions made by the Go team.

I love the Go community, but I am not content with it.
GopherSource is my attempt to pay it back the Go community.

I want to make Go better by providing a welcoming entry point into contributing to upstream Go and open-source Go projects. My goal is to not only point out great projects to contribute to, but to collaborate with those projects and fostering inclusive communities. Communities where people feel safe joining in, and have a clear path on how to become productive community members.

Check out the origin story for my Adventures in GopherSource.

Carolyn Van Slyck