An open-source adventure for gophers

GopherSource is an initiative to strengthen and diversify the Go ecosystem through building up more contributors to upstream Go and key Go projects from the within the community. These are a few of the things that I’ll be working on going forward, and I want you to join me:

💪 Become upstream Go contributors!
🙌 Give feedback on Go as reviewers!
💥 Make official Go proposals, and implement them!
😇 Annoy Google with 💖 ALL 🦄 THE 🌈 EMOJI 😎!

I can’t do this alone; I’m gonna need all y’alls help. This my “bat signal” to the gopher community: beginner gophers and grizzled gophers alike. If you are interested in learning Go, are looking to contribute to open-source but aren’t sure where to start, have feels about fostering a better Go community, want to learn the ropes for making changes to Go, or just don’t know what to do with your Saturday nights, join me.

Let’s go on an open-source adventure!

gophers at work

Gophers, United

Bringing the Go community to the table with the Go team.

gopher with balloons

Open Source

Contributing to upstream Go and open source Go projects.

gopher dropping the microphone


Shaping the future of the Go programming language, ecosystem and community.

gophers hugging


Maintaining and growing the amazing Go community that we have come to love.

multi-colored gophers


Ensuring everyone is on equal footing, regardless of background or experience.

gophers learning together


Creating safe spaces for community memebers to meet, interact and support eachother.