Get started contributing to open-source Go projects

gophers helping each other learn

  1. Before you can contribute to Go projects, you will need a working Go development environment. The setup guide will walk you through installing and configuring Go.
  2. Connect with the community! A good place to see what’s going on in a project, meet other contributors, and ask specific questions about a project. It’s okay to lurk at first and get a feel for how things work before participating.
  3. Drop in on the Go Study Group. This is a safe space for anyone interested in Go to meet community shepherds, ask questions or even request help learning a new topic, and start making connections with other people in the community.
  4. Decide where you would like to start contributing. We have a curated list of projects that go out of their way to welcome new contributors.

🤔 Feeling lost? Unsure if you are qualified to join in? 🤔
Don’t worry, you are not alone! Reach out to the community shepherds in the #gophersource channel on the Gophers Slack and we can provide guidance and a bit of reassurance that you are in the right place. ❤️